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Household Pest Control


Lawn & Ornamentals

Weed Control
If you’re like most people, time is a valuable treasure of which you don’t 
seem to have enough! So why spend this time chasing after and pulling weeds that just return over and over again?

– Weeds are unsightly and lower property value. 
– Weeds steal nutrients from your plants and destroy lawns. 
– Weeds release allergy causing pollens. 
– Weeds provide the perfect environment for rodents and insects to nest and breed. 

With one phone call, we will thoroughly inspect your property and recommend treatment options. We will design a weed control program that will enhance the appearance of your property, reduce insect and rodent harborages and reduce fire hazards. S.W.A.T. Pest Control service personnel are well trained professional applicators, who can identify the problem weeds, and know how to control them.

Insect Control
Insects can destroy a lawn in no time; we’ll keep them under year-round control

Healthy turf requires more than just mowing. S.W.A.T. Pest Control’s fertilizers are designed to provide the nutrients your lawn needs to maintain that lush, dark green appearance.

Disease Control
Effective control requires accurate evaluation and treatment